k22 music is a record label, production company and publishing company run by two dedicated musicians and based in Düsseldorf and Krefeld.  We’re dedicated to electronic, indie and pop music and our release are available digitally or on vinyl only.

We believe that we should have full control of the music we love – therefore we do cover the whole marketing and value chain: from production of a record to releasing the final product up to marketing and booking. If necessary we cooperate with partners such as music publishers, labels or distribution companies.

We’re constantly looking for new music and artist to cooperate with. We might help you with your music too.

k22 team

Carsten Schmidt

Carsten started his career in the earlier 90ties as a professional guitar player, recording engineer and producer. He worked for bands like Honig, Ralley, Sun, Vic Anselmo, Secret Discovery, Benevolent, Grind Inc., Supernature, Modulator, Black Mesa, In blackest Velvet, End of April, M. Walking on the water or Les hommes qui wear espandrillos.

Today Carstens runs a Pelser&Schmidt, a professional audio visual rental company in Krefeld and works as a recording engineer and producer. He plays bass and synths for MAY and is the musical mastermind behind Leland P.

Christoph Mause

In the late 80ties and early 90ties Christoph used to work as a recording engineer and producer for bands such as Escape With Romeo, Secret Discovery, The Frits or Random Mind Machine. In the mid 90ties he founded ecx.io which became a leading European e-commerce and digital marketing company. Christoph sold the company to IBM in 2016.

Christoph now is back into music and plays guitar with severals bands and produces his own music. Beside running k22 Christoph plays guitar with MAY.

k22 studio

We run our own studio in Krefeld in a beautiful old industrial building. The studio offers two acoustically optimized control room, two very nice recording rooms and additional facilities.

Check out: www.k22-studios.com